How can I protect my dog from bees and what should I do if they’re stung?

I vividly remember the day that my border collie was stung by a bee.

We were out in the yard together one summer, and while she played with her soccer ball, I was tending to more mundane tasks, like weeding the garden and filling the bird feeders.

After I’d finished, I was ready to kick the ball for her a few more times, and when I turned to look for her, she was laying ‘border collie style”, with the ball a few inches from her nose, ready for the game. Nothing unusual there.

But as I walked closer, I noticed her face was much larger than normal, and she looked very shar-pei like. Her eyes were swollen almost shut, but, as was her nature, she wasn’t bothered a bit and was really just interested in getting another game going. I, on the other hand, knew something was wrong.

I stayed calm, immediately put her in the car, called my vet to tell her I was on the way, and drove carefully (but briskly!) as I was worried that her breathing could become compromised.

Fortunately, when we arrived, she was treated and responded immediately. Other dogs aren’t as fortunate, so it’s important that you know the the following information: