From the casual sleepover to a multi-day visit (or longer!), we provide our student’s dogs with an exciting and enriching experience!  

During their stay, our dog ‘guests’ spend the day at the school in our fun and professionally supervised PlayCare Program, go on long walks, take naps, and work with our trainers to achieve the goals on your training wish list.

At night, they go to our team member’s homes, because we believe that a home setting, supervised by our dog care specialists, is the best setting for dogs vs. a kennel environment.


Our Transport service can even pick up your dog
on the day you leave for vacation AND bring him back home!

Boarding Programs

Please note that all boarding requires a training component. Our goal for this program is to continue to progress and maintain the behaviors and commands that you’ve been working on. Because our boarding programs are extremely popular, we have limited availability, and operate on a “first come, first booked” system.  Please email for more details.

Regular Boarding

Your dog  spends the day at the school training and playing for the period requested, and at night has a ‘sleepover’ at his/her assigned team member’s home.


$30 per dog/night

+ $25 PlayCare

+ Required Training

($110 per hour, $55 per half-hour)

Intensive Board and Train

Your dog spends the day at school, and sleeps over at one of our trainer’s homes. This means that the training will occur at school as well as in a home environment for maximum transfer to your home setting.

What’s Included In The Package?

  • Initial consult (in-person) to discuss training goals. 
  • Access to our extensive online lesson sheet library.
  • Go home lesson. At the end of your dog’s stay with us, we’ll schedule a second private session at school to teach YOU what he/she has learned, as well as how to continue to progress the training at home. We’ll also discuss training options for continued progress. *In-home sessions available for an extra fee*
  • Your dog will receive a ‘Go Home’ bath, so he’ll be well-trained AND clean! 


$55 per dog/night 

+ $25 PlayCare 

+ Required Training ($150 for each hour a day) 

+ Initial and Final Private Lessons at the school ($150 each)

A modification of our Intensive Board and Train program, designed so that your dog doesn’t sleep over with us!  This popular option combines back to back training days with the “drop off and pick up” aspect of our PlayCare program.  This also includes the two *at school private sessions in the Intensive program. Transport to and from school can be added for an additional fee.  

*In home sessions available for an extra fee.

In-Home Boarding

One of our team member sleeps over your house and brings your dog to the school during the day for training and playing.

Rates start at:


+ $25 PlayCare

+ Required Training

($110 per hour, $55 per half-hour)


One of our team members brings your dog to school in the morning and brings your dog back home at night to tuck him in to sleep but does not sleep at your house.

Rates start at:


+ $25 PlayCare

+ Required Training 

($110 per hour, $55 per half-hour)

Other Information

Normal PlayCare fees are reduced from $36 to $25 per day with the above services.


We require all regular boarding dogs to have at least an hour of training for every 7 days they’re with us, although most people choose to do more! We know that keeping your dog’s body and brain engaged is the best way to keep them happy, and to achieve the training goals you’ve been working on in classes. If you’re not sure what you’d like us to focus on, we’ll give you some ideas! For advanced dogs, they’ll have an opportunity to be challenged in off-leash classes, on field trips, and other fun venues.

The cost for training is $110 an hour, and we find it beneficial to break the training up into 15-20 minute sessions throughout your dog’s stay with us. Another popular option is to have your dog “work in class” with one of our trainers. In that case, we’ll deduct a class from your package, and add $32 handler’s fee. If there are specific behavioral issues that you would like us to work on, please let us know.

Because our ‘PlayCare Only’ day guests can also schedule training, please confirm the amount of training you’re requesting in your initial boarding inquiry.


Of course, we require your dog to be current with his vaccinations! You can bring written proof of current vaccinations, or emailing or faxing us the form from your vet.

If your dog needs his vaccinations updated, we prefer it to be administered at least 5 days prior to your boarding check-in date.  Titers are accepted with proper documentation.

List of Vaccination Requirements for Dogs

Rabies: Required by at least 6 months of age.  For Puppies: check with your vet for their preferred age of initial vaccination.  

DHLLP: Current in the last year.

Bordetella: Current in the last six months.


To prepare for your dog’s vacation:

  1. Copy of vaccines: Provide us with a copy of an invoice that shows your dog’s Rabies, Bordatella, DHLLP vaccines are up to date. Please be sure the records show the DATE THE VACCINE WAS GIVEN, not just the expiration date. (Most Bordatella vaccines will show an expiration date 1 year from the date it was given, as opposed to 6 months).
  2. Boarding Contract: This form will be emailed to you prior to arrival by the team member who will be overnighting your dog. It will enable you to tell us all the important information we’ll need to know while your dog is with us.
  3. Food: Please send your dog’s pre measured meals in individual bags with your dog’s name on them.
  4. Medication: Please only send enough pills for your dog’s stay with us and include dosing instructions in the Ziploc bag with the medication.

No need to pack crates, bowls, toys, or beds. We have everything!

Have a question? Let us know!