Canine Gym At Home: FitPaws Outdoors

By Lauren Tobin | Updated: Sept 1 2019

Summer is over and September is finally here! This is my favorite time of year because I love the cooler temperature (and so do my dogs). I also love it because this means I can train my dogs outside! There are so many different exercises that you can do with your dog on the go, whether it’s at a park or even in your own backyard. Canine gym can be done anywhere, we just have to see it!

Use logs or rocks as your platforms. Sending your dog up onto a rock will activate the rear while having them jump off will activate the front. How about back up?! You can use a flight of stairs OR use a log/tree stump to get your dog to back up onto. What about laterals?! Use the curb or any higher surface to get your dog moving left and right. 

I have a few videos below to help you with your work out, but I want YOU to be creative! See what is in your neighborhood and how that can be used to work out your dog. 

Lauren Tobin


Lauren has her Animal Sciences degree from Penn State University. During college, she worked with both domestic and wild animals, and volunteered at a Wildlife Rehabilitation Center for 4 years of college and even interned at Central Park Zoo. She is a Certified Dog Trainer from IACP and is a Certified Canine Athlete Advisor for Canine Conditioning. She also holds her CGC/CGCA Evaluator for the AKC.

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