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Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
9:00 Reactive Rehab 9:00 Puppy 9:00 Beginner 9:00 Intermediate Nancy 9:00 Puppy 9:00 Intermediate / Advanced 9:00 Advanced
10:00 Puppy 10:00 Beginner II  10:00 Intermediate 10:00 Beginner Nancy 10:00 Beginner II  10:00 Puppy/ Beginner
11:00 Beginner 11:00 Beginner 11:00 Advanced 11:00 Puppy Nancy 11:00 Beginner 10:00 Beginner
12:00 Intermediate 12:00 Intermediate **12:00** Therapy Dog Advanced
**1:00** Off Leash 12:00 Beginner II
1:00 Beginner II  6:00 Puppy **6:00** Canine Gym 1st & 3rd week of the month 6:00 Puppy Lauren 1:00 Puppy
2:30 Advanced 7:00 Intermediate **6:00** Puppy Play Group 2nd & 4th  week of month 7:00 Beginner II Lauren 6:00 Intermediate
3:30 Cautious Canines **7:00** Therapy Dog Intermediate 7:00 Beginner 8:00 Beginner Lauren 7:00 Puppy
  **4:30** Reactive Rehab II 8:00 Beginner II  **8:00** Off Leash 8:00 Reactive Rehab

** Instructor Permission Required **

Blue Classes – Kathy Santo Green Classes – Stacey Samela


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10:00am Sundays – Stacey Samela

9:00am Mondays – Kathy Santo

6:00pm Mondays – Stacey Samela

11:00am Wednesdays – Nancy

6:00pm Wednesdays – Lauren

9:00am Thursdays – Kathy Santo

7:00pm Thursdays – Stacey Samela

10:00am Fridays – Stacey Samela

1:00pm Saturdays – Kathy Santo

11:00am Sundays – Stacey Samela

11:00am Monday – Stacey Samela

9:00am Tuesday – Kathy Santo

7:00pm Tuesday – Stacey Samela

10:00am Wednesdays – Nancy Desimone

8:00pm Wednesdays – Lauren Tobin

11:00am Thursdays – Stacey Samela

10:00am Friday – Stacey Samela

10:00am Saturdays – Kathy Santo

1:00pm Sundays – Stacey Samela

10:00am Mondays – Kathy Santo

11:00am Mondays – Stacey Samela

7:00pm Wednesdays – Lauren Tobin

10:00am Thursdays – Kathy Santo

12:00pm Saturdays – Kathy Santo

12:00pm Sundays – Stacey Samela

12:00pm Mondays – Stacey Samela

7:00pm Mondays – Kathy Santo

10:00am Tuesdays – Kathy Santo

9:00am Wednesdays – Nancy Desimone

6:00pm Thursdays – Stacey Samela

9:00am Fridays – Kathy Santo (Intermediate / Advanced mixed level)

2:30pm Sundays – Stacey Samela

11:00am Tuesdays – Kathy Santo

9:00am Fridays – Kathy Santo (Intermediate / Advanced mixed level)

9:00am Saturdays – Kathy Santo


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9:00am Sundays – Stacey Samela

8:00pm Thursdays – Stacey Samela


**4:30pm Sundays – Stacey Samela**


3:30pm Sundays – Stacey Samela



**7:00pm Monday – Stacey Samela**


**12:00pm Thursdays – Stacey Samela**


**1:00pm Mondays – Stacey Samela**

**8:00pm Tuesday – Stacey Samela**


**6pm Tuesdays**

NOTE: This class takes place the 2nd & 4th week of each month.

For current students 5 months and under, email:


**6pm Tuesdays**

NOTE: This class takes place the 1st & 3rd week of each month.

For current students in Beginner 2 or above, email:

For Special Events, Field Trip Classes, or Therapy Dog Workshops –

Please contact Katy for more information, you can contact her at this e-mail address:

** Instructor Permission Required **

FAQ About
Open Enrollment

Most frequent questions and answers.

Yes! Open enrollment is a way of running class so that no one is “locked out” while they wait for a class start date to begin. We understand that when you want your dog trained, you want him trained NOW.

So with our system, you can start at any time, and work at your own pace, within the class level.

For example – in a beginner class when we work on “sit”, one person might be luring their dog into a sit, another may be asking for a sit from the end of a 6′ leash, and another may be working on a moving sit. Everyone works at their own pace. Once you’ve maxed out the curriculum for a level, you’ll move up to the next one.

Plus – you don’t have the chaos that can happen in a class when everyone is new. It may be your dog’s first class, but there will be others who’ve been there for 1, 2 or 5 weeks, so they’re cool, calm and collected. New dogs will pick up on the calm vibe and be more relaxed and ready to learn!

Nope. We don’t think you should be penalized for life getting in the way. You buy 6 classes and when you attend 6 classes, you renew. Not a second sooner.

We know your life is busy and you want your dog to behave. Why make it harder by limiting your ability to come to class? If you can’t make it to your usual class, find one of the same level, and come to that one. Meet new people, new dogs, and keep your training on track.

Please check our private training/in home section on our website, start a chat on intercom (the bubble in the lower right corner), or email our general manager Stef at the e-mail address below:

For more information on that, please start a chat on intercom (the bubble in the lower right corner) OR contact our general manager Stef at the e-mail address below: