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Services For Our Colorado Students

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Private Lessons

One-on-one training for a lovable, well-behaved dog that everyone loves to have around!

Each private session is designed to meet your individual goals. Whether it’s teaching your dog commands and manners, or solving the behavior problems you want him to “unlearn”, a private lesson allows us to focus on just you, anyone you’d like to bring with you, and your dog!

At the end of the session, you’ll receive a personalized, *achievable* homework plan (complete with printable resources) created specifically for your dog.

Canine Gym Lessons

Our Canine Gym sessions are more than a workout routine. They’re Fun. Dog. Fitness. Plus, the combination of physical and mental exercise is the key to having a well-balanced (and TIRED) dog!

Every day we hear stories about well-meaning people who exercise their dogs daily but STILL struggle with their dogs being bored and destructive.

We also hear about dogs who are being trained in obedience every day, but don’t get the *exercise* they need.

What everyone is truly wanting is the magic combination of both brain and body exercise, that creates a well-trained, well-balanced relationship with your dog.

Our lessons include curriculum created for various types of dogs: Puppy Fitness, Beginner Fitness, Advanced Fitness, Overweight Dogs, and Senior Fitness!

We’ll customize a plan for every kind of dog! Our goal is to teach owners how to help their dogs live LONGER and HEALTHIER lives through canine fitness.

FastTrack Training

A hybrid of a popular program at our NJ facility, our FastTrack program is a private lesson between your dog and our trainer! Depending on what you need extra help with (crate training, heeling, counter surfing, recalls while out on the hiking trails, appropriate greetings with new people, a ‘no matter what’ place or stay command….anything!), our northern Colorado-based trainer Sarah will come to you to work with your dog (30 minute or 1 hour session), OR she’ll take your dog out and about on a field trip lesson to teach new skills (and progress old ones!) in different environments. She regularly visits dog-friendly stores, Old Town, popular hiking trails, parks, and breweries, with client dogs (and her own!) to practice in new environments. That means, when it’s time for YOU to take your dog into different environments, they’ll be the good canine citizen that you’ve always wanted.

These ‘out and about’ sessions are great additions to your regular private lessons because when we train your dog, we can make more progress more quickly. After the session, we’ll send you a report telling you what we worked on, and include pictures or videos. Plus, with the lesson sheets in our Student-Only online lesson sheet library, you’ll know exactly how we trained each command, AND how to maintain it!

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Intensive Board and Train Programs



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About our Colorado based trainer Sarah!

Sarah has spent years mentoring directly under Kathy Santo and her team of trainers at the NJ location before moving to Colorado to open a second KSDT training facility.

She regularly attends dog training seminars and workshops across the US, and travels back to NJ to work at the NJ facility so that her knowledge and skills continue to grow.

Sarah’s training background is in family puppy/dog obedience and behavioral issues with a special interest in canine fitness to help dogs live a longer and healthier life.

She is a Certified Canine Athlete Advisor, and in her spare time is also working towards her Certified Canine Fitness Trainer from FitPaws and The University Of Tennessee and her CDT from the IACP!

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Our Mission

Since 1984, Kathy Santo Dog Training has been dedicated to helping individuals and families enjoy better relationships with their dogs.

Tens of thousands of dogs and their humans have benefited from our program’s unique and fun-filled approach to training, both online and in person.

We believe that learning is a lifelong process for both humans and their dogs. We’re available 24/7, so if you have a problem that needs an immediate answer, you can call, or text us for a solution.

We’re proud of the effectiveness of the Kathy Santo training method, and we’re even prouder of the number of current and former students who keep coming back for more. As a Kathy Santo Dog Training graduate, you become part of our family!

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