• A PROFESSIONAL, WELL-TRAINED TEAM: All PlayCare team members have extensive training in dog body language through a specially designed curriculum. Our trainers are certified as well, and have received schooling through various organizations and governing bodies.

  • SAFETY EXPERTS: Our team has had private training in CPR and First Aid for dogs.

  • “STUDENTS ONLY” PLAYCARE POLICY: We only accept dogs into our PlayCare program who are actively training with us. Our philosophy is that in order to ensure the safety of the dogs in our care as well as our team, we need to know each and every dog personally to provide exactly the experience they need.

  • PLAYGROUP ASSIGNMENT BY AGE, SIZE, AND TEMPERAMENT: Dogs are seperated into playgroups based on age, size, and temperament. It’s not uncommon for a puppy or dog to start in one group, and move to another as he or she grows, matures, or as play preferences change.

  • ECO- AND DOG-SAFE CLEANING PRODUCTS: We’ve developed a cleaning program that utilizes pet-safe cleaner that’s safe *and* effective in keeping our facility sanitary for our students, their dogs, and our team.

  • RUBBERIZED TRAINING ROOM FLOORING: This special compressed flooring aids in the long-term joint and paw health of your dog.

  • “JUST RIGHT” CLIMATE-CONTROLLED SYSTEM: Our facility is always the perfect temperature for your dog, whether he’s training, playing, or napping!

  •  WE LOVE PICTURES!: We know you miss your dog, so we take pictures of them while they’re having their best day ever and post them on our student Facebook page!

  • OUR 30+ YEARS OF KNOWLEDGE IS AT YOUR DISPOSAL: Our trainers and PlayCare team have an incredible body of knowledge about everything ‘dog’ that you won’t find anywhere else! We’re proud of the fact that our students know they can ask us anything, at any time, and we’ll give them an immediate and educated answer!


  • We are a non-traditional daycare. The safety of the dogs in our care, and our team, are of paramount importance, which is why we only accept puppies and dogs who are actively training with us.

  • We are a non-traditional dog training school. From the way we designed our curriculum, to the way that we teach, and the way that we L O V E our students and their dogs, the vibe is nothing like a traditional dog training school.

  • We’re focused on having our top-notch trainers teach our students the art of dog training, versus pushing owners and their dogs through an 8-week curriculum, and graduating them without having a fully trained dog.

  • We care about the emotional well being of our students and their dogs, so we’re here for them every step of the way. Whether via email, text, phone call, or a face-to-face chat, we’ll support you throughout your dog training journey.

  • We take pride in the fact that our classes are fun,  AND effective. There’s not a training question we can’t answer, or a problem we can’t solve.

  • We love our students, and we feel that they’re family! We love that they feel the same about us!

  • Our admin team is second to none, and they’re dedicated to helping you have an amazing experience, from sign-up, to sign-in, and everything in between.