Family Dog Obedience

From Puppies through Advanced for the Perfect Family Dog.

Just a few of the topics covered in class:
  • Housebreaking
  • Chewing
  • Greeting
  • Socializing
  • Down
  • Come
  • Sit and Stay
  • Leave it
  • Leash walking
  • Shyness
  • Fearfulness
  • Aggression

We also offer training and testing for the American Kennel Club’s CGC and CGCA titles.

Puppy Kindergarten:

6 weeks - $270.00

Puppies 8 weeks to 6 months. New puppies accepted weekly during the session The AKC Puppy test will be administered to all eligible puppies for a nominal fee.

Class focus: This 6-week puppy parenting class covers housetraining, handling exercises, bite inhibition, socialization, basic commands, grooming, appropriate toys.

Taught by Kathy Santo or Stacey Samela

Beginner Obedience:

(level I or II) 6 weeks - $270.00

For dogs 6 months and up.

Class focus: Dogs learn "Sit" to greet people, "Down," "Come," "Leave-It," "Place," "Stay," "Go to Bed," and how to walk on a loose leash without pulling. Play games, learn tricks and teach your dog basic good manners!

Taught by Kathy Santo or Stacey Samela

Reactive Rehab:

6 weeks - $270.00

Class taught by: Stacey Samela

This class is for dogs that get overly excited, reactive, or aggressive when they see other dogs. Some dogs are only triggered by specific dogs or situations, but all dogs (like people) have to learn to be calm and tolerant in spite of their environment.

In this class, you'll learn how to safely handle your dog around other dogs and how to teach them skills to manage their behavior (sit, down, come, look, and many more). The process of learning these skills builds their social confidence, strengthens their relationship with you, and decreases their reactivity level.

The classroom environment will be set up using dividers to avoid dogs getting into each other's personal space. As your dog progresses, you'll be gradually working closer to the other dogs in class in order to build social tolerance. Plenty of time in each class will be devoted to Q&A and problem solving solutions.

Owners of "reactives" tend to believe that their dog can't be fixed, but our decades of experience has taught us otherwise. Through safe, appropriate socialization and training, success can be achieved. Left untreated, reactivity can worsen and eventually may lead to a bite. We'll help you with solutions and techniques specifically for your unique dog.

Cautious Canines:

6 weeks - $270.00

Whether you have a dog who's a little shy or cautious, or you're a graduate of our Cautious Canines program, this is the Beginner Class for you! Keeping the same curriculum as our usual classes (sit, stay, come, down, place, let's go, hand targets, behavior problem solving, and lots more), but tailoring it to dogs who may be a bit intimidated by the population of a regular beginner class, your dog will learn obedience commands and increase his confidence in a positive, calming, and supportive environment.

Intermediate Obedience:

6 weeks - $270.00

Pre-Requisite: Beginner Obedience (or prior approval by Kathy or Stacey)

Class focus: Will your dog come to you when called, even when someone is holding a tempting treat several feet away from you? Build on basic skills learned in Beginner Obedience class by adding real life distractions so that your dog can begin to master desired behaviors in an uncontrolled environment. Beginning Stages of off leash work.

Taught by Kathy Santo or Stacey Samela

Advanced Obedience:

6 weeks - $270.00

Pre-Requisite: Instructor's Recommendation

Class focus: Do you love training and working with your dog? This 6-week class is for you! Build on your dog's skills and enjoy a dog who obeys commands off-leash in the park, on a sidewalk, in a store, or anywhere else you want to take him.

Taught by Kathy Santo or Stacey Samela

Mixed Level:

6 weeks - $270.00

Class focus: Great for busy professionals, our mixed level classes are always open for you. Call it your weekly class, or call it your back up plan, either way, we're here for you. Some classes are Puppy/Beginner, some are Beginner/Intermediate, and some are Intermediate/Advanced.

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