A dog walking service from the KSDT team that you already know and trust. Who already know your dog! Our intensively trained team understands that “loving dogs” isn’t enough when it comes to working with them.

They walk dogs every day at the school, and have an extensive knowledge of dog body language and behavior.
This isn’t just a ‘summer job’, this is their industry, and their career.

"WALK" TO 201-512-8316

About DogWalk+

Once upon a time, we were just a tiny school, with only Kathy in the building. As her obedience classes grew, people wanted more choices, so she added more classes. Then, people asked if they could leave their dogs for the day, to play and train! So…she added PlayCare and FastTrack.  Then people asked if we would walk their dogs. Because sometimes they just didn’t need a full daycare experience. So…..we listened!

How does DogWalk+ Work?

A member of our walking team (who probably already knows your dog!) will come to your home and take your dog on a mentally AND physically engaging walk.

Each walk will be geared to the goals set by you (long/slow walk, brisk/short walk, intervals) as well as the physicality/fitness level of the dog.

You can choose a 15 minute, 30 minute, or 60 minute visit.

Our team member will send you either a picture or video of your dog while out on their walk every time we visit them.

After the walk (and some water and a treat!), we’ll leave your (probably sleeping) dog safely tucked in, with your house secured.

Who DogWalk+ Is For:

  • Can’t get their dog to the school for PlayCare for the day.
  • Or… for those who have an older dog who may not have the energy for a full day of play and training, but would still benefit from some quality time and a walk with one of our team members.
  • Or… for a dog recovering from an illness, injury, or surgery.
  • Or… in the event of an emergency where you can’t get home to your dog.

TEXT US "WALK" TO 201-512-8316


Most frequent questions and answers

Current students can text “Walk” to 201-512-8316, and complete the form that will be texted back to them. Once we know the distance your home is from the school, and how long you’d like your dog’s walk to be, a member of the DogWalk+ team will get back to you to confirm the walk, and provide pricing information.

We can either add the walk to your Student Portal for you to pay at your convenience, OR we can send a secure text-to-pay link to you for payment at the time of booking.

Depending on whether you want both dogs walked together, or separate, there will be an additional fee. A 30 minute walk is the minimum visit time for 2 dogs.

We ask that you give us 24 hour’s notice to cancel your walking appointment so that we have an opportunity to reach out to others on the waiting list. Same day cancellations will result in a 50% surcharge fee.

Sure! Based on the amount of time you schedule for the visit, we’ll create a schedule so we can get that done too!

No problem! We’ve got you covered! We love specialty visits, and we’ll create a custom visit just for your dog!

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