Arlene and Gypsy “at wit’s end”

“I was at wits end as to how to handle severe aggressive issues with my 12 yr old Wheaton terrier. Last Christmas, Gypsy experienced severe gastric problems and along with her health problems, came extremely aggressive behavior, particularly around food, culminating with an episode where she bit me requiring a hospital room visit & stitches. Although her belly issues subsided & she returned to a normal personality, I was extremely anxious around her, which triggered anxiety acting out from her as well. She developed a routine whereby it became impossible to get her out of the car after a trip, snarling and growling & attempting to bite anyone who would approach her in the backseat.

Kathy helped me regain my confidence in being around Gypsy, as well as the tools to address this new behavior, which she was demonstrating in the car. I was astonished at how quickly we were able to curtail these performances, and we then moved onto other long-term issues, which she has had for years, including attempting to attack people when they leave the house. This also was corrected with ridiculous speed, so much so that I remarked to family & friends that “Gypsy was beamed up by aliens & has been replaced with another dog”. The morale of this story is that “you can teach an old dog new tricks”, especially if you have a trainer as remarkable as Kathy Santo.”


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