Jennifer and Albert “changed both of our lives”

“After 23 years of asking for a puppy for Christmas, my wish finally came true in the form of a rescued year and a half old black lab Great Dane combo named Albert.  I’d played with a lot of dogs in my life, and had read a ton of books but nothing quite prepared me for bringing home a large dog who had never had a house or much structure before.  If he wanted the squirrel he caught and ate it, if he wanted your hamburger he took it off your plate, and if he wanted to snuggle all 80 lbs. climbed on your lap with no warning.  An emergency round of basic obedience got me a dog that walked on a leash until he saw a rabbit, and not a whole lot more.  Yes he could sit, but only if there was some kibble or chicken in it for him, and I knew he was smarter than that, I knew he could do more.  I knew I could trust him with me, but I wanted to be able to trust him around guests, children, and wildlife…so I called Kathy. In my initial message, I mentioned a few of Albert’s problem areas and within 12 hours I received an enthusiastic voicemail letting me know that we could totally fix those things and she had availability for a lesson within days.

Kathy and her phenomenal staff care about their students, the ones with four legs as well as the ones with two.  Kathy Santo’s dog training teaches you how to function in the real world with your dog, no more avoiding streets, or not hosting dinner parties because of an untrained dog.  Having only been students of Kathy’s for six weeks, I already see a tremendous difference in Albert.  Kathy’s multifaceted approach helps me help my dog. My new understanding of dog behavior and confidence as an owner is a direct reflection of Kathy’s multifaceted approach. Dog park class provides invaluable lessons in interaction and socialization contained in a safe setting and play care provides my dog with safe environment to make friends and practice his social skills, and gives me great peace of mind knowing he is safe and learning. Classes teach your dog basic obedience as well as social skills.  Kathy Santo’s dog training is not just a place you take your dog for an hour each week.

photoIt’s a community of people committed to helping you and your dog achieve your goals, and develop a healthy relationship.  It’s a judgment free zone and a supportive community of dog owners, which I am truly lucky to have found.  My dog is happier thanks to Kathy Santo’s Dog Training, and so am I!”

(And later, from an email…)

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You and Stacey and the wonderful people at school should feel really proud of yourselves. You took a truly broken and reactive dog and changed both of our lives. I went from being afraid to take my dog out of my yard to being able to enjoy a wonderful relaxing and fun day at the beach with my dog. Thank you!!!”

Jennifer and Albert

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