Jennifer and Coco “Kathy is ALWAYS on standby”

“Get a dog” they begged.
“It will be fun” they said.
“We will look after it” they promised.
“You won’t even notice she’s there” they assured me.

16 months and 1 Australian Shepherd later we are finally beginning to understand each other. This is largely due to Kathy and her team  ( plus a little medicinal wine).

Coco is a typical Aussie. Super smart and super sassy. She needs both mental and physical stimulation and Kathy and her team have helped me understand what that means and how to give her the attention she needs.

There are so many things I love about the school but one of my favorites it the ” no judge” policy. Anything goes and everything can be fixed if you are willing to put in the work.
Whether its behavioral training, play care or an email about some weird bodily function, Kathy is ALWAYS on standby to answer questions and give sound advice.

“Get a second dog” they begged.
“It’s not fair she has no one to play with” they said…

Jennifer and Coco


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