Joanne and Dexter “Working with Kathy has been fun”

“I first met Kathy back in 2004 when I needed help training our first dog, Lady.  Kathy helped make the 8-year-old dog we adopted become a member of the family.   Unfortunately, seven years later, Lady passed away.  Once we had adopted our new dog Dexter, I again turned to Kathy and asked for help training an overly excited puppy.

My family and I have been training Dexter for over a year now.  We have watched Dexter go from a misbehaving 8-month-old dog to a member of the family, who continually surprises me with his obedience.  When we first brought Dexter home, we did not walk him, rather he pulled us.  Now walks on a leash are a much calmer affair, though the occasional squirrel still puts Dexter into chase mode.

Kathy’s goal with training is for you to have a dog that will behave consistently and in the expected manner.   I have seen Dexter respond correctly when I accidentally dropped a prescription medication and I saw Dexter staring at it.   I have also dropped carrots and have seen the same response.  Dexter will bark when the door rings, but I don’t have to worry about him dashing out the door when I open it.   I think the biggest challenge facing any dog is whether they will follow commands from a stranger.  I had an opportunity to see how well Dexter’s worked the other day at the Vet’s office.  I had put Dexter in a down and wait (aka stay) while waiting for his turn.  The veterinary technician came to take Dexter back and he wouldn’t move.  I told her to tell Dexter “Let’s Go” and I watched Dexter leave in perfect position.

Training is an ongoing process, but Kathy continues to keep both human trainer and dog involved in the process.  Working with Kathy has been fun and the results are very worthwhile.”

Joanne and Dexter

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