Lyn and Gracie “I knew I had found the right dog trainer”

“Dogs have always been a part of my family.   In the past I have lived with two beautiful collies and one very amusing bichon.  They brought love and happiness into my life,  but they were never properly trained.  My collie ate everything (including an entire set of oil paints) and in fifteen years my bichon never came when I called him. I lived with what I considered their “quirks”, which really means they needed training.

This time I was going to do things differently!  I wanted to do dog therapy work with children.  I did my research and decided to get a Goldendoodle puppy, because they are generally known to be good with people.  So three years ago, Gracie entered my life with extreme enthusiasm!  After more research,  I knew I wanted to enroll in Kathy Santo Dog Training.  I was impressed with the program she created to teach children with autism how to train their dogs.

Unfortunately, before we enrolled in class,  Gracie was attacked by a dog that was off leash.  This was a terrifying experience as the dog was much larger and stronger.  Gracie was on leash and the dog landed on top of her, biting and scratching while she ran around in circles.   Gracie was not too seriously injured physically, but her personality changed drastically.  My  “happy go lucky” Goldendoodle became very fearful of other dogs. She began growling and lunging at almost every dog that came near her.  Since I live in a townhouse development,  we were coming in contact with other dogs daily.  I needed to get help for my very nervous little dog.

From the moment I met Kathy, I knew I had found the right dog trainer.  She was not just going to help me manage Gracie’s fear aggression; she was going to help my dog overcome her fear – big difference!

Kathy started by giving me the knowledge and strategies to alleviate my anxiety (which increased with every lunge, growl, and snap.)  Through carefully planned lessons, Dog Park classes, free Body Language seminars, and group dog hikes (which Kathy does during her own free time), Gracie has made tremendous progress.   Kathy has a broad background of knowledge and experiences.  She teaches with compassion and a great sense of humor while never overlooking a teachable moment.  What more can you ask for than fun productive classes with your happy, emotionally healthy dog! Thank you Kathy!”

Lyn and Gracie

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