Michelle and Bella “a favorite family activity”

“I adopted my yellow Labrador, Bella, when she was just 10 weeks old and have been training with Kathy and Stacey ever since!  Bella is now turning three years old and she is the best dog.  She is happy, friendly, social and always present in our lives because she is well mannered and sweet.  I first started training with Kathy as I have two children, one with autism, and Kathy is quite in tune with my son’s needs.  I wanted a well-trained dog that both my kids could enjoy.

My kids love having Bella.  She gets in bed with them every night to read stories and she plays with my kids and any friends that come to play.  I never have to worry about Bella running in the yard with the children as my kids know how to give Bella commands (Kathy always welcomes kids to training sessions) and Bella is so well mannered with guests.

After obedience training, we pursued therapy dog training and Bella passed the Delta Society test last year.  We visit with students with different disabilities in a few different schools and it is such a rewarding program.  As Bella is a well-trained, yet enthusiastic Labrador, she is a perfect match for children.  She is durable, sweet and always eager to please.  The students love her and look forward to our weekly visits.  Bella can reach these students, even those who are non-verbal, in a way that is unique to animals.  She will never judge or lose her patience and the students respond and interact with her at their own pace and their own way.  The students are always rewarded with an enthusiastic tail wag and body wiggle.

Thank you Kathy and Stacey for all you do for Bella and our family.  You treat us like family, which is why dog training sessions are still a favorite family activity, even after three years!”

Michelle DeGennaro

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