Nancy and Chicken “her program works”

“Chicken is a Toy Fox Terrier who we got from an experienced breeder in Pa.   He was the only pup of the litter. Unfortunately, we took the advice of our former vet and delayed training him until he had finished with his shots, at about six months old. When we started training with Kathy, he was snappy, angry, and very aggressive towards people and dogs. Many of you know this firsthand.

This behavior developed over time without any obvious trauma or bad experiences, and it was very serious.  In class, he would lunge for other dogs even if they were across the room from him.  During daycare, Kathy’s staff could not even approach his crate without a violent reaction: barking furiously and baring his teeth.

Chicken and his family have now been in training with Kathy and her team for about a year.  Over the course of that year, Kathy has taught us to be good leaders and he has, as a result, become a good dog.  We are in charge now: we know him well, watch him, and know how to manage him.  He can tolerate and even enjoy other dogs now, and he is much better with people.  It’s been really rewarding when so many of our friends from class have remarked on the positive change in Chicken.

Had we not found Kathy, I don’t think that Chicken would still be with us.  Because of her level of expertise, her program works even for the most aggressive and difficult dogs. There is hope and Chicken is truly proof of that!”

Nancy and Chicken

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