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More about Kathy Santo's Pet A Groom:

We deliver the BEST grooming experience for the animals coming to our shop, and for the students of our dog school.

To accomplish that mission, our commitment to safety means that we:

  • Hire experienced groomers who meet not only their industry standards, but also our own, stringent, Kathy Santo-brand requirements.  
  • We always use only the highest quality hypoallergenic shampoos and conditioners.
  • The bathing, drying, and grooming ALL happen in one large area, that’s visible to the public.
  • The dogs are never left unattended!
  • The trainers at the dog school (located next door to the grooming shop) regularly accompany our student’s dogs to the shop to help them relax during their grooming experience.  
  • We also take our FastTrack dogs there when requested, and do training sessions to teach them how to calmly stand on the table, have their nails done, and allow their body to be handled, even when there’s lots of sounds going on from the clippers and dryers! We like to say that our student’s dogs learn to be the best grooming clients!

Our Pet A Groom team members are:


Rich is our shop Manager who also has dog training experience through our school, so he’s able to not only help the people that come to the shop, but he also understands and accommodates the needs of our 4-legged clients as well.


Victoria has been grooming for over 7 years and is our Assistant Manager.


Linda has been grooming for over 37 years.


Chrissy has been grooming for more than 16 years.


Jess has been a part of the grooming industry for over 20 years. Her love of animals and the artistry of grooming has been life long and began at the age of 14 as a bather in a grooming shop. Over the years she has developed and expanded her skills by regularly attending grooming seminars and training to stay current with the latest trends, styles, techniques and products.

Special Skills and Qualifications: Creative Styling & Color, Cat Grooming, Hand Stripping

Her professional grooming experience includes working under and alongside National Certified Master Groomers, Groom Team Members, International Groomer of The Year, Best in Show and Best all Round Groomer Winners.  

Her work has served everything from the family pet to retired and active show circuit clients.  Some of her specialties include Bichons, Poodles, Doodles and Portuguese Water Dogs. 

Her knowledge and experience in animal care also includes Exotics (i.e. flight feather grooming and beak trimming), Pet Nutrition and Products.

She is a current member of the The National Association of Professional Creative Groomers; where she completed training in safe practices, products and techniques for coloring and creative grooming.  

She is currently working towards completing Master Groomer Certification with the National Dog Groomers Association of America and a second Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. 

Jessi’s passion for the artistry and craftsmanship of the grooming world does not end at whiskers and tails…In her own time she is a lover of all things pretty, building, crafting, singing and playing music! She is also a pet parent to three sweet Malteses, Hannah, Chloe and Simon.

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