Ever since I was exposed to Valentine’s Day, I had a sense that it was a “fake” holiday, with unrealistically high expectations. Experiences like hoping my 4th grade crush would drop a few extra Snoopy cards in my desk mailbox (he didn’t), to watching the captain of our high school football team bring an armful of carnations into the lunchroom to present to his girlfriend, who ran off crying because she wanted roses, confirmed my suspicions. However, I also learned that celebrating the big day with my DOG virtually guaranteed that whatever I did in the way of a surprise, was ALWAYS a home run! Whether it was me dripping red dye on a Milk Bone (and everywhere else, my Mom says) when I was in kindergarten, or buying her the biggest heart-shaped dog toy I could find, “Teddi” loved it all.

So read on for some fun and thoughtful ways to celebrate your love for your canine companion this Valentine’s Day!