Intensive Board & Train

It's Boarding School For Dogs!

Are you looking to ‘fast track‘ your dogs learning, but just don’t have the time to devote to training him yourself?

Is your dog too: energetic, hyper, strong, fast, etc. for you to train?

Or, maybe you just want a professional who’s been doing this for decades to train your dog properly. And quickly!

We have the answer.



For All Breeds and Ages

For over three decades, our trainers have successfully trained tens of thousands of dogs to be “The dog everyone loves to have around.”™

So…if you’re tired of going to group classes or private lessons because:

  • Your schedule is crazy and you can’t always get there.
  • Your dog hates the car.
  • The drive to the location is too far away.
  • Your fearful or reactive dog doesn’t do well with group dynamics.
  • You just don’t have the time.
  • You don’t want to make mistakes in the training process.
  • You feel your dog is out of control and needs professional help.

Don't worry!
We understand!

We’ve been working with families and their dogs for over 30 years, and we’re also dog owners who have families, too! The struggles you’re going through are ones we see – AND solve – on a daily basis. What’s overwhelming to you as a dog owner is super easy for us to fix, because that’s our life 24/7!

How Does It Work?

Your puppy or dog spends the day at school in our PlayCare program, and sleeps at one of our trainer’s homes at night. This means that the training will occur at school, as well as in a home environment, for maximum transfer to your home setting.

Our Program Is Great For:

Behavior Modification:

  • Barking, lunging, and growling at people or other dogs while on-leash.
  • Aggressive or fearful behaivor related to petting or handling.
  • Fearful or anxious behavior at home or on walks.
  • Resource guarding food, toys, or other objects.
  • Learning to interact appropriately with other dogs.

Obedience & Manners:

  • Coming when called.
  • Walking nicely on leash.
  • Listening to commands the *first* time you ask them to.
  • Learning polite greetings
  • Learning to settle and relax at home and in public.

What's Included In The Package?

  • Initial consult (in-person or via phone) to discuss training goals.
  • A customized training plan, tailored to your goals and your dog’s unique learning needs.
  • Regular updates, photos, and videos of your dog’s progress.
  • Multiple daily (and super fun!) training sessions.
  • Lots of exercise and playtime indoors and outdoors!
  • Access to our extensive online lesson sheet library.
  • A “just like home” setting for your dog to sleep in NOT  a kennel.
  • Go home lesson. At the end of your dog’s stay with us, we’ll schedule a second private session at school to teach YOU what he/she has learned, as well as how to continue to progress the training at home. We’ll also discuss training options for continued progress.*In-home sessions available for an extra fee*
  • Your dog will receive a ‘Go Home’ bath, so he’ll be well-trained AND clean!

Unlike other programs, we care about your dog’s progress even after he’s back home! So we make it easy to succeed by remaining an important part of you and your dog’s lives!

The Secret To Our Success?

Decades of experience and a non-Cookie Cutter method.

We know that all dogs are different and that they all have different learning styles, just like people! We allow the dogs to show us how they learn the fastest, and tailor the training program to them! 

But Will My Dog Listen To ME When He Comes Home?

Yes, because your dog is handled by all our experienced trainers. This helps to ensure that you and your family will be able to successfully follow through with the training that he’s received. And because your dog isn’t in a “kennel-type” environment, he’s learning in an environment that more closely matches the one he lives in. That makes transferring what he’s learned to you and your family so much easier.

Learning To Ignore Distractions Is Critically Important

We teach dogs to perform regardless of any distractions that naturally occur in the real world. This includes interactions with other dogs, people, noises, smells, new locations, etc.


Our Boarding Coordinator will reach out to you to confirm your reservation once we’ve secured availability with the team.

Vaccination Requirements:

Of course, we require your dog to be current with his vaccinations! You can bring written proof of current vaccinations, or email us the form from your vet!

If your dog needs his vaccinations updated, we prefer it to be administered at least 5 days prior to your boarding check-in date. Titers are accepted with proper documentation.

List Of Vaccination Requirements For Dogs:

Required by at least 6 months of age. For Puppies: check with your vet for their preferred age of initial vaccination.

Current in the last year.

Current in the last six months.

Ready, Set, Pack!

To prepare for your dog's vacation:

Provide us with a copy of an invoice that shows your dog’s Rabies, Bordatella, DHLLP (Distemper) vaccines are up to date. Please be sure the records show the DATE THE VACCINE WAS GIVEN, not just the expiration date. (Most Bordatella vaccines will show an expiration date 1 year from the date it was given, as opposed to 6 months.

This form will be emailed to you prior to arrival by the team member who will be overnighting your dog. It will enable you to tell us all the important information we’ll need to know while your dog is with us.

Please send your dog’s pre-measured meals in individual bags marked with their name.

Please only send enough pills for your dog’s stay with us and include dosing instructions in the Ziploc bag with the medication.

No need to pack crates, bowls, toys, or beds. We have everything!

If you have any questions, please contact: