Happy New Year!

Let the New Year begin!

I love January 1st. Not just for the parties and festivities, but also because it signifies a new start. The chance to turn over a new leaf.  With relationships, health, and dog training!  I suppose that every day could be “The Day” when you make a change, but in January, it feels like there’s a giant support network of the WORLD, right there beside you.

As you probably already know, WE are right here beside YOU, helping your puppies grow into well-trained and well-adjusted adults, and changing behavior problem-riddled adolescents and adult dogs into the model citizen dog that you always wanted. Our students tell us that we “specialize in miracles,” and we agree!

2018 is already looking to be a fun and exciting time at our school. We’ve already added an online course, Good Dog!, to support our puppy and beginner class students, PLUS we have 3 new courses on tap for mid-year. There are also new classes coming soon, like “Off Leash Training” and “Tricks” class. Click here for more information.

Our Fast Track (‘stay, play and train’) program continues to be a popular addition to people’s training schedules, so that they can have a trained dog FASTER and EASIER than ever before.
The one thing that won’t change in 2018 is the fact that we’re right here beside you, through every step of your dog’s training process.

We’ll continue teaching our students how to raise their puppies to become well-trained and well-adjusted adults, as well as working with adolescents and adult dogs with behavior issues (or who just need the basics!). No matter what challenge or ‘wish list’ you walk into our school with, we’ll help you turn your dog into the model citizen that you always wanted him to be.

We’re also here to defy the myths that may be keeping you from moving forward with your dog training resolutions!  We know that the benefits you and your dog will get from training far outweigh the time and effort needed to achieve a reliably trained dog who obeys commands every time, everywhere, no matter what.

Need some basic training ideas but don’t know where to start? Get off on the right paw this year and learn Kathy’s Top 10 Best Things to Teach Your Puppy (or dog!).
Starting the new year with a solid plan will make training your dog easier and much more fun!

We look forward to helping you and your family with all of your dog training needs, and to meeting and working with new families and their dogs.

Best wishes from the team at Kathy Santo Dog Training for a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2018!


You can get a discount on our popular Playcare program with the purchase of Kathy Santo Dog Training gift certificates.
See details here!!

And if you’re still shopping, here are a few of my favorite gift ideas (and where to get them!).


Great news! We’ll be relaunching our online course “Good Dog” on Monday, February 5th, and enrollment (for this session) will close February 12th.
I’ll be sending out emails starting Sunday, February 4th, so keep an eye on your inbox.
STUDENT: Join the waitlist here!

If you’re not a student of our school in New Jersey, you can get on our waitlist to be informed when the online course will become available to you.
NON-STUDENT: Join the waitlist here!


From Canine Gym classes, to learning how to interpret your dog’s body language, or getting tips and tricks to better handle multiple dogs at home, our super fun workshops and classes keep the winter blues away AND are designed with the idea of keeping your dog happy and exercised (in mind AND body!).
See details here and mark your calendar!



We love hearing from our students and friends near and far, and we look forward to answering your questions.
You can send your questions HERE, or you can post them as a comment on our Facebook Good Dog Beta Group.
We try to answer as many as we can!

Q: My golden retriever has recently developed a skin condition that requires her being bathed every 3 days with a medicated shampoo.  At first, she was fine about being bathed, but now when she sees us pick up the shampoo or bathing gloves, she hides in my closet!  She’ll need the baths for at least another month – what can I do to make her less fearful?…
Kathy’s answer…

Q: Whenever I take my 70lb. dog for a walk, she pulls so hard that I’m afraid the leash is going to break.  My friends say I should get her a chain leash, but I love her skinny, pink, rhinestone-encrusted one because it matches her collar.  Are any of the chain leashes decorative?
Kathy’s answer…


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