Password Reset Instructions

Step One

Go To then click Forgot Password’.

Step Two

Enter your email, and click “Submit“.

Step Three

You will be brought back to the login page and at the top it will show a green box that says “Check Your Email To Reset Password if it has been successfully submitted.

Step Four

Once you receive the ‘Reset your password’ email, click on the link. It will bring you to the secure password reset page.

Step Five

Enter Your New Password, Then Click The ‘Submit‘ Button.

Step Six

You should be taken back to the log in page where you will see “Password changed successfully“. You will now be able to log into your account with your new password!

Didn't Get Your E-Mail?

If you don’t receive the password reset email, or if you have ANY issues with this step, please don’t hesitate to send us an email at PORTAL@KATHYSANTO.COM and we’ll manually reset your password for you. 


Also, due to mail provider security settings, it may have ended up in your spam, trash, or promotions folder so we recommended checking there as well.

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