***For current and ACTIVELY TRAINING Kathy Santo Dog Training students only. All dogs must be up to date on their vaccinations AND have a martingale collar when coming in for PlayCare. If you need help or have questions, please contact us directly.***
**Actively Training Means: You and your dog have attended classes or a private lesson in the last two weeks OR your dog has participated in our FastTrack program in the last two weeks!**

dog daycare

At Kathy Santo Dog Training, we love and care for your dog like they’re our own! We know your dog is a member of your family, because our dogs are family, too!
This means that while you’re out of the house, your dog will be having fun being exercised, mentally challenged, played with, trained, and loved!
So don’t bother worrying about him being home alone, OR about when you were going to be able to fit in “play with the dog” on your after-work ‘To-Do-list?’

And while he’s with us, if you’d like to accelerate the training process, try our FastTrack Program.


For many owners, leaving their puppy or dog for the first time can be a stressful experience. But that won’t happen here, because since your dog is in training with us, we’re already best friends!

Our professionally trained team knows how to keep your dog happy, safe, and having the most fun ever.

And because EVERY SINGLE PUPPY AND DOG IN OUR PLAYCARE are current, in-training students, we know each and every dog’s personality and temperament, so we can create the perfect playgroup for every dog. We’re a unique daycare program that only accepts students, to ensure the safety of everyone in our care.

Speaking of safety, that’s our first and foremost priority, which is why we have protocols in place, such as trained PlayCare team members, pet-friendly cleaning supplies, constant air circulation, and a climate-controlled environment.


Most dogs WANT to be social. The problem is that not all of them know how to start that conversation with other dogs… OR, sometimes they don’t have appropriate, perfectly matched friends. Add in the fact that owners don’t always know what proper play looks like, and you have a recipe for “the playdate from ____!” That won’t happen here! We’ll show your puppy, or dog how to make friends, how to KEEP friends, and when they’re ready for a break, we’ll respond to their request and get them the space they need.


Our team of PlayCare professionals provides quality care in a safe and supervised environment. All team members must complete rigorous training on dog body language and behavior. Our PlayCare team aren’t just watching dogs! They also go through an extensive training process!


Safe Socialization: At Kathy Santo Dog Training, we ONLY take dogs who train with us, so we know who they are, and who would be their ideal friends! That’s how we ensure safe and fun playtime for every dog, no matter their personality.

PlayCare Floor Cleanliness: Although dogs can get sick just like at a child’s daycare, we also have a strict cleaning protocol that reduces the transmission of illness.

School For Dogs: At our PlayCare, dogs don’t just play; they learn! We work with all dogs at every visit to ensure they live up to their full potential. They learn how to behave in social situations. They also learn to be more comfortable around new dogs and new people. Each and every team member is extensively educated at our facility on canine body language, managing dogs in open play, and the special considerations for dogs of different personalities and temperaments.

How PlayCare Helps Keep Your Dog Fit: We know that everyone understands the importance of daily exercise for them and their dog! And we also know that it’s not always easy to schedule it in on a consistent basis. But, the puppies and dogs in our PlayCare program get just the right amount of exercise for their age and their energy level. And exercise isn’t just important for them physically, it’s also important for their mental health, and contributes to a good night’s sleep! (For you AND them.)

Fun: In our PlayCare program, our goal is to provide your puppy or dog with a super fun experience! From theme weeks to dog “Kodak moments”, your dog will love his experience from the time he arrives until the time he’s ready to go home.

PlayCare Hours:

Monday – Thursday: 8am – 8pm
Friday: 8am – 5:30pm
Saturday: 8am – 3pm
**We no longer have PlayCare hours on Sundays**

Contact us for more information and to make a reservation!


PlayCare Only
Pay per Day $39.00/day (>4 hours) or $28.00/half-day (<4 hours)

5- Full Day Pass
$185.00 ($37.00/day)

10- Full Day Pass
$330.00 ($33.00/day)

20- Full Day GOLD PASS
$600 ($30 a day + get 1 free)

Add Ons
FastTrack Program: PlayCare plus training! Click here to learn more.

Transportation:  A ride to or from the school, or both! Click here to learn more.

Questions?  Please click on the chat icon in the bottom right corner, or text us at 201-512-8316