Puppy Boot Camp

Board & Train Program

Our Puppy Boot Camp Program at Kathy Santo Dog Training is open to puppies between the age of 8 weeks and 6 months.​

​Text “Puppy Boot Camp” at 201-512-8316 to get started!

What’s Included?

Socialization & Play

PlayCare every day to help your puppy learn proper play and socialization with other puppies AND dogs!

Customized Training

1 hour of customized training per day with our FastTrack team.

Housebreaking Help

Scheduled walks (based on your puppy’s age) for potty training / maintenance.

"Go Home" Spa Treatment

Complimentary “Go Home” spa treatment (bubble bath and nail trim).

Sleepover Fun

Your puppy will sleep at a trainer’s home to make sure his/her training is continuing in a home environment and not a kennel run!

Drop Off and Pick Up Lessons


We require a private lesson prior to or day of drop off.

This is an extremely important part of the program, as we get to meet you and your puppy, and learn about the specific challenges you’re facing. We’ll create a training wish list together, and get started on training immediately!

The next time we meet will be on pick up day, for a session where we teach you how to continue all the training we’ve done. We want to help you have a smooth transition back into your home, and make sure you understand how to maintain all the progress that your puppy has made! Our goal for you is to have a “puppy everyone loves having around!”

**Drop Off & Pick Up Private Lessons are required and the cost is $150 per hour/lesson.

Other Requirements

*Puppies need to be up-to-date on current vaccinations for their age group.

*Minimum requirement for this program is 1 week stay, although we recommend at least 2 weeks for optimal results.


Puppy Boot Camp

Board & Train Program
$ 260 Per Day
  • Daily Training ($150 per day)
  • PlayCare ($30 per day)
  • Overnight Stay ($80 per night)
  • A complimentary “Go Home” bath and nail trim prior to his go home lesson.
  • Additional Cost:
    Drop Off & Pick Up Private Lessons are required and the cost is $150 per hour/lesson.