Top 3 Things To Get You & Your Puppy (Or Dog!) Through This Trying Time

Everyone knows that behavior issues with our puppies and dogs can occur no matter what’s going on in your life, and they usually get *worse* in times of stress.  Like the time your car broke down and when you finally got home, your dog had eaten the back of your leather couch (#truestory).

Puppies (and dogs) can be:
– High energy
– Totally wild at times (…a side effect of boredom!)
– Mostly (Or Partially) Untrained

We also know that behavior will not improve in a household that’s suddenly filled with more people than usual, who are also stressed out and dealing with the curveballs/uncertainty of the current situation. Surrounded by people most definitely (and understandably) *not* attentive to their dogs the way they need to be.

(Especially without training and our guidance. Their behavior will get worse, not better, as time goes on!)

BUT… There’s GOOD news!

We’ve thought of some of the easiest-to-implement, actionable steps that you can do *today* to get yourself (and your puppy/dog) on (or back on) the best and fastest path to growing and learning.

Bottom line: you need your life to be a little easier than it is now!

1. Keep Your Routine.

Dogs, like humans and many other animals, thrive on routines, especially early in their life.  But because of recent events, we understand it can be more challenging than ever to keep a routine.

This sudden change in our routine has an impact on yourself, and your puppy or dog. That’s why we recommend keeping as much of their day-to-day life as “routine” as possible.

Stay consistent with:
– Pottying your puppy (or dog) on a schedule.

– Offering playtime and other enrichment. (There are some great DIYs out there!)

– And most importantly: Training your dog 

If you’re not used to blocking off time specifically to train, this may seem like ‘work’ to you.

Similar to the way I felt when I started going to the gym (“it’s too early”, “it’s dark outside, I should be sleeping!” and “it’s a lot of work!”).

But, as soon as I started to see results, it suddenly didn’t seem as early or dark or even that much work.

The same way you’ll feel – fairly quickly! – once you see the improvement in your dog’s behavior *and* his response to your commands. 

Which leads us to our next top pick….

2. Build That Relationship, And Get The Dog That *YOU* Love To Have Around!

We all know that the best relationship builder is training, and we love when our puppies and dogs are super well-behaved! Especially when the people watching are impressed!


Now that you’ve got a bit of extra time, you’ve got the perfect runway to build a healthy relationship with your dog.

And, if you have the whole family home, get them involved!  Make a gameplan and ask them to help! (Just make sure everyone is on the same page about the ‘rules’.)

Either way, training will be the key to having a happier, more tired dog.

Plus, having one less thing to worry about – like no more chewing on the furniture because you worked on impulse control and the ‘leave it’ command – will help keep your relationship with your dog from becoming strained, and will actually strengthen your bond with them over time with consistency!

Next up:

3. Reduce The ‘Unknowns’

Imagine if there was a manual for times like these, (which are extra stressful because of the amount of “unknowns”) that would give you ALL the answers to every question you had.  If that existed, you’d jump at the chance to read it so you’d have less to worry about, and a lot more guidance. I would, too!

For people with untrained or unhousebroken puppies (or dogs), they also have feelings of stress. 

– The embarrassment of having your dog not listen to you (and instead run out the door)

– The stress of constantly taking things out of your dog’s mouth (shoes, paper, your hand!)

– The dread of walking into a room and wondering what you’re going to find…..

But here’s some good news: I have a VIRTUAL “hands-on” solution to eliminate the feeling of “not knowing” and to help get your dog TRAINED!

Something that’s worked for my students from across the US, to New Zealand, the UK, Australia, Canada, and more!

Because we know that through training, we can help you and your dog feel safe, calm, and happy so that you can enjoy life together AND handle the challenges that life brings, we recommend starting with this first.

Check It Out Here:

In our virtual course, we have:

  • The Key To Everything: How To “UnLearn” Your Dog So That Learning Can Actually Happen!
  • ​Fun and To The Point Training Videos: For All The Commands Your Puppy Or Dog Needs To Know. 
  • Quick And Easy Fixes: To Stop Behavior Problems
  • The Management Solution: How To Create A Safe, Chaos-Free Environment
  • My Secret Techniques: To Successful, Drama-Free Body Handling
  • ​Prevent Fights And Bites: Critical Socialization And Meet Up Skills
  • ​The Secret Of How To Find The Time: To Train Your Puppy Or Dog
  • ​My “Make It Happen!” Training Charts: PLUS An Exclusive “How To” Video Creating A Personalized, Step By Step, Easily Achievable Training Goal Sheet For You.
  • ​“It Goes In. It Comes Out” Chart: Perfect For Potty Training
  • How To Prepare Your Puppy Or Dog: For A Weather Event or Evacuation

And we have a TON of bonuses!

The best part of our online course for puppies and beginner dogs is that it’s available digitally, which means that you’ll have everything you need within minutes, with full access to a  program that’s created tens of thousands of well-behaved puppies and dogs for over three decades, worldwide!

Did we mention that you have unlimited access for the LIFE of the course!!!

And you can log in with anything but a flip phone :-D: Desktop, laptop, mobile phone, or tablet. Anywhere at *any time*.

So with all that being said, we can and will get through this difficult time together.

Myself and my amazing team are here to support you. No. Matter. What.

Stay well, and I’ll be checking in again very soon! xoxo


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